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Bezoek onze verkoopstand tijdens het Lifesigns concert op Zaterdag 1 Juli in Poppodium Boerderij te Zoetermeer.



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Saturday 01 July 2023
Lifesigns concert, Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer

  • Door de Brexit komen titels die uit de UK afkomstig zijn nog altijd met vertraging binnen. Soms valt het mee en duurt het slechts 2-3 weken, maar het komt helaas ook voor dat we 4 weken of meer moeten wachten. We doen ons best om alles zo goed en snel mogelijk te regelen, maar het blijft lastig...

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    2e HANDSNee
    OmschrijvingThis band with a strange name (in fact `Angipatch` comes from the association of the two first letters from each member`s Christian name) came from Lyon, France. They had been active since the seventies since they released a single entitled `Reves / Terre des vilains` in 1976. Just an anecdotal first chapter. Their official debut, a concept album, was published in 1981 under the title "Vie" (i.e. `Life`). ANGIPATCH`s style has been compared to ANGE, ATOLL and MONA LISA, which means a keyboard- driven and theatrical symphonic rock with emphasis on poetic lyrics (here an ecological fable). But, while ANGE had chosen the `commercial` path at that moment (circa "Moteur"), ANGIPATCH was still rooted in the seventies with the use of gorgeous synthesizers often close to MANFRED MANN`s (listen to the fabulous `Vie` track). In fact, their sound was a mix of synthesizers-based symphonic progressive rock with new wave music and poetic rock. Balanced between the early eighties` typical pop sound and the seventies symphonic rock movement, "Vie" is a very interesting album by its sincerity and home-made craftsmanship. Indeed ANGIPATCH never sold their souls to the music industry. A rare album with a delicate sound despite some slightly monotonous vocals. On the following album ("Delirium") released in 1982, the band kept on progressing, presenting a more mature opus. This is a concept album once again, a fable about drunkenness with still an ecological message. The music is more ambitious too, featuring longer tracks, real epics and some effects. Privately produced as was "Vie", "Delirium", despite a superb mix in the Maison Rouge studios (London), couldn`t find its public in a post punk and new wave period. The band, as a swan song, released a single (and a video) called `Star` which is clearly pop oriented. ANGIPATCH split afterwards.
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